Saturday, December 20, 2008

Honda City Test Drive

So Corra, Andy, Kevin and I went to the Honda-Mofaz showroom next to LDP to check out the brand new Honda City. Lucky that I called ahead and manage to get a test drive slot booked.

The queue for the test drive was still maddening, as for some lame reason that there was only one car and all the salesperson were jumping their queues. All in all, it took us about an hour before it came our turn.

So Corra started the test drive, from the showroom towards TTDI. Then came my turn, and of course, I had to use the S-mode. So I expected the drive to be similiar to a manual drive, and that sure didn't happen. I put my foot down, and the engine rev-ed up rather slowly. Shifting from 2 to 3 was unsatisfying at all, as I find myself constantly downshifted to get more power, then to lose the torque when I shifted up to 3. Then had to shift down to 2 again.

Maybe it was because the car was loaded to the brim (3 lads and 2 girls), but I am very sure that everytime I pulled on the peddle shift, it takes about 0.5 to 1 second before it kicked in.

So I was driving pretty aggresively from TTDI back to the showroom, and at the very last turn (a left on the flyover), I got really scared. Pretty sure I was going to lose traction and crash. My heart practically jumped out of my skin.

In conclusion, I had my expectation put up too much. I have Honda to blame a bit for that, as cramming in the "S-mode" and peddle shift is suppose to scream "drive me aggresively!". Maybe it's too hyped up, and they should have kept it what it is suppose to be. Which is an unexciting, B segment, small family car. Which translate into safe driving, sufficient boot space, and 2 little children, and no more.

Anyway, I have decided that a B segment car is not for me. I need something bigger, more stable on the highway, a proper family far. D segment is more like it. I guess it's back to my original plan, the Cefiro 3.0 1999.


de Cor's said...

I didn't know you were risking my precious life, loh. knn-eh-ccb.

SY said...

hahahahaha....corra and her knn-eh-ccb :p
Anyways, it said Honda CITY on the tin already, that should've been clue to you :p It's like toyota trying to market a sporty corolla (oxymoron!), you just know ur gonna get disappointed :(

de Cor's said...

that bad? I was thinking of getting it by Q1 2009!

NathenNod said...

And I forgot to mention the much smaller steering wheel also! How can someone not try to drive it harder lo.