Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick Blurp - Snow Leopard and Lock Screen

Got this tip from a comment here =>

As of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, there is one more way to accomplish this, without any extra or third party software.

Use Automator to create and save a ‘Start Screen Saver’ service that accepts no input and is available to all applications. You can find the appropriate Automator action under ‘Utilities’. Then you can simply assign this new service a shortcut from the Keyboard Shortcuts preference pane.

If you would prefer to lock the screen rather than use a screen saver, use Automator to run a shell script with the following command:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/ -suspend

Then set the keyboard shortcut as before. Huzzah!

Perth Trip – Snacks and Breakfast

Of (unfounded) fear that I would die from not having a chance to eat lunch and no mamak stalls around at night (which is true), I bought tons of snacks on the first day.


Made my own sandwich. The loaf of bread was so big that I could not finish it in time.


The fruit cake from Woolsworth was surprisingly OK.


Here is the horde or food that I bought, which many of them I could not finish in 2 weeks coz I was so stuffed all the time. More on that later.


Did not miss out having to taste ultra fresh Royal Gala apples, my favorite type.


I thought ang moh’s cannot stand spicy food, but hot damn, these Kettle chips were smoking. Took me 3 nights to finish these.

Perth Trip – Hotel Room

I took too many pictures during my trip to Perth that I got to post these in small batches… Starting with the hotel I stayed, which is “The New Esplanade Hotel”, located on, surprise surprise, The Esplanade Road, which in front of the esplanade. You get the idea.


The rate was going like about AUD110, which is rather cheap. I think they gave quite a fair amount of discount since I stayed there for 14 days straight.


The rooms were pretty decent, with a queen size bed and another single. Had a ViewSonic flat panel and small fridge. Room was clean, but toiletries were minimal. Just towels, no toothbrush.


Here’s the view from the hotel room at daylight.


And at night. The Eye of Perth was on display, but did not bother to try out, as there were many more things to do, and eat. Will show you guys in pictures in coming posts!