Monday, July 28, 2008

Whirlwind Week

Last week was a mad week for me, with Iz getting hospitalized and the big tender closing (in that particular importance order).

Apparently Iz had a stomach virus infection. Which means,

He has to be put on IV - OUCH!
...for 2 days - OUCH!
And Jo's pregnancy is making her very tired nowadays - DOUBLE OUCH!
And the cooling off period for Iz's new medical card policy has not pass yet - (small) ouch.

I do thank God for looking after my family in times of crisis, and at the same time teaches me some humility and realignment of priorities.

Price Point

It's interesting to see how the patrol price hike have changed the dynamics quite a bit.
Firstly, eating fast food is not a big deal anymore, because Chap Fan (self service mixed rice) typically cost around RM6 now.
Secondly, taking taxi is cheaper now, (whether you can get one in your area, is another story all together), especially if you cost in the parking fees. This is because their prices are regulated, and they use NGV, which the price was not affected.
So, who's joining me for burgers at lunch, and going there by cab? :)


If you hadn't known already, Joey is expecting again :) Wishes and prayers are welcomed....