Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me and Iz Day

So 2 Saturdays ago, Jo decided that she needed a proper haircut, so we stopped by Snips at The Curve. So I was left with Iz for around an hour.

So we went carting around for a while, and ended up in Borders - which has an excellent children's book corner.


"Ma, look - one hand niah."

img048  img049

Ice Cream

Babies are not suppose to have ice cream. I think.

So the other day during Cheng Beng, there was this old dude who was selling ice cream on bicycle. Iz was intrigued by the ring ring sound that the ice cream man was making and motioned Jo to bring him closer to see.

The nice old man gave Iz a free cone. He loves it! See how much he as already chewed through.


(Sorry for the small pic size, accidentally set the wrong resolution)


I always insist that Iz is properly strapped down during road trips, regardless of distance.

Yet, this is what I saw yesterday.


Don't see what I mean? Look closer. A mother sits in front, together with 2 children crawling all over her.

Really beh doh.


Do you guys remember that when Ultraman is low on power and in distress, the beacon on his chest would blink in red?

Well, so does my mouse =>

"Low batt liao la!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Class A Idiot

I feel like an class A idiot (quoting Liz Lemon).

I would never thought that I fall within the category, especially when dealing with computer hardware. This is because:

  1. I have single handedly built many machines from the past, and
  2. I have worked part time as a technician to repair boxes in cybercafe.

I thought I have seen my fair share of weirdness (esp. when dealing with dirt and smog choked equipment) but this case caught me with my pants down.

I have sent in the media PC for a motherboard replacement (another story) and the techie booted it up before passing it back to me. When I reached home, I happily plugged it in, and punched the power switch.


No lights, no sound. I opened up the case, and the LED on the board was lit. I said to myself... wtf.

Tried by passing the power switch by jumping the power jumpers using screwdriver, no love there.

Pissed, I brought the box back to the service center, and told them that it would not boot up at all. The guy who serviced me the day before looked at me with wild, open eyes, and said nothing. He took over the box, plugged in, and while staring at me with that matter-a-fact look, punched the power button.

It came alive. IT'S ALIVE!!! (so much for Frankenstein.)




To cut the story short, I brought it back, plugged into 3 different power outlet - 2 from different rooms and another one via my study's UPS.

It refuses to turn on..... This is probably a good time to freak out.

Either karma is telling me to frak myself, or there is a variable that I have missed.

Hmm.... what that be? What's that missing element? Compassion? Love? Faith? Wait a minute.... it's.... "heat"!

Went to get my Jo's hair dryer...  While blow drying the power supply, I kept repeatedly pressing the power button... and out of the blue, the power supply started to turn on! OMG. I am a fraking genius. But wait! Still no display!

More blow drying of the rest of the components. Then it really came alive.

The box is now sitting on top of the cabinet now and chugging along happily. I wonder what's wrong at the first place.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What-if series (Intro)

Just want to run my imagination wild once a while. So I'll start a What-if series, where a small tiny what-if could have impact in the world.

I missed writing fiction, which I used to do a lot during my schooling days... Hopefully I will be able to drum up something good soon.

Tethered HSDPA

Test done at Plaza Sentral using tethered Q9h.