Saturday, September 26, 2015

watchOS 2 - Two great features

There are two great new features in watchOS 2 that are not well known/mentioned:

  1. When placed in Nightstand mode (by charging the Apple Watch), the screen comes on when it detects motion. Official documentation says that the watch is woken up by touching the screen or pressing either the crown or button, but I have found that the slightest motion would wake it up, so it's great when you are fumbling for the time in the middle of the night
  2. The passcode screen has way way larger buttons for the number pad. When I had the 38mm model, it would always take me more than 2 tries. Even with the 42mm model and after a few months of having the watch, I would still consistently enter the wrong passcode. With watchOS 2, the number buttons are rectangle and the gaps between the buttons are way smaller, making it easier to hit the right number.