Tuesday, November 09, 2010

W2–Still Home Alone + Chairs.

Week 2 and still home alone. Manage to clean out the study room so one more room to go (kids’ room).

Managed to sort out all the great kitchen stuff that Chris left me. Washed them and organized them into proper storage location.

Sat: went out with the guys to Cash and Carry – man it’s massive! It’s located inside the industry area in Canning Vale, just across the road from Halliburton’s office in Perth. It’s basically a massive warehouse of household stuffs. If you buy them in bulk then some items can be really cheap.

Note: You need to own a small business or be RAC member to get in.

Sun: cooked breakfast and lunch. Found out that I don’t have a knife yet to used scissors to cut up the bacon bits hehe. Had to stand to eat on the counter – I have zero chairs.



Went out to see Raymond who is so nice to give me his old TV cabinet. It ended a lot bigger than I got but lucky the Euro’s door can swing wide open. Thanks Raymond!

photo 5

Here are some of the appliances I bought from Retravision, and got a great money saving tip from Raymond. Bargain and shop around. Always do price match. I got the fridge down from 988>900>789.

photo 1

Look at the awesome white LEDs!

photo 2

Got this washing machine got a good deal too! 8KG for 700.

photo 3

Decided to “Asian out” (as in chicken out) and bought Samsungs instead of local brands Smile with tongue out No Japanese branded appliance anywhere to be found.

Oh and I had to get a Dyson:

photo 4

It’s a Dyson DC23. These Dyson are crazy man – they suck suck and suck (in a good way) all the dirt off the carpet. The tank was nearly full from just a room! If you got carpets, go get one. AUD800.

Getting into rhythm now, Sat = shopping, Sun = laundry + clean house.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Engrish: Samsung Edition

So when me and Sean was trying to install the Samsung washing machine, this piece of instruction came up:


Look closely on the lower left hand corner. Sean was actually confused as he only recognize the Malay word “tikus” but he can’t remember what “papan” was. So he asked me “how come they mixed Thai and Malay in the same sentence?” Smile

Talk about globalization and the level on English worldwide.

Week 1–Home Alone

photo 2

That’s Wye home shopping with me.

So I moved into the new place last Saturday. AF and Fiona was nice enough to help me shift in and had a short tour of the (empty) house.

Sleeping alone is creepy. Sleeping alone in a new country is even more creepier. I kept psyching myself that there is no ghost in the house. Or as AF puts it, “Australia where got ghost one.”

You can argue that I have sleep in hotels before, but there are actual human beings next door, or at least a lift down. But this is suburbia at it’s finest – i.e. quiet. And the house being a single storey bungalow does not help either.

Interesting fact about property terms:

  • House = bungalow
  • Villa = quad / 6 semi-detached houses
  • Apartments = condo/mid cost apartment
  • Units = low cost flat

Only have 3 things in the house now:

  1. 1 x Ikea single bed
  2. Samsung 8KG Top Loader Washing Machine
  3. Samsung 511L Fridge

As hermit as it gets.

Skype + IRC?

Hey guys did you know that you can issue IRC like commands in Skype? OK if you don’t know what’s IRC then you are probably born > 1990.

How awesome is that. Anyone wanna feel how it feels to be kick or kick/banned? hehe.

Extracted From https://support.skype.com/faq/FA10042/What-are-chat-commands-and-roles

/add [Skype Name]
Adds a contact to the chat.

Disable message alert notifications.

/alertson [text]
Allows you to specify exactly what needs to appear in a chat for the chat to pop up. For example, your name.

/call [Skype Name]
Starts a Skype call.

Removes the chat history entirely. Cannot be undone.

Remove the password security.

/find [text]
Finds specific text in a chat.

/get allowlist
Details people with access to the chat.

/get banlist
Details people banned from the chat.

/get creator
Details the person who created the chat.

/get guidelines
See the current chat's guidelines.

/get options
Details active options for current chat.

/get password_hint
Get the password hint.

/get role
Details your role in the chat.

Puts a Creator tag next to the chat creator's name.

Loads the complete chat history into the active chat window.

An HTML file of the chat history opens up in a browser window.

Details number of people in chat and maximum number available.

/kick [Skype Name]
Eject chat member.

/kickban [Skype Name]
Ejects chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat.

Leave current chat – unavailable if you are a chat’s creator.

/me [text]
Your name will appear followed by any text you write.

/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Members allowed in the chat.

/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Members banned from the chat.

/set guidelines [text]
Set a chat’s guidelines.

/set options [[+|-]flag]
Sets options for this chat, see below for more info.

/set password [text]
Create a password (no spaces allowed).

/set password_hint [text]
Create the chat's password hint text.

/setpassword [password] [password hint]
Create a password and password hint for the chat.

/setrole [Skype Name] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER
Allows you to set a role to each chat member. A description of roles is given below.

/topic [text]
Changes the chat topic.

/whois [Skype Name]
Provides details about a chat member such as current role.

Friday, May 07, 2010

MacBook + iPhone 3GS + Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) + Bluetooth + Tethering = Issues? Solved!

So for the longest time my iPhone and MacBook have not played very well when I need to do Bluetooth Tethering.

Long story short, the resolution is to go to System Preferences > Network > delete Bluetooth PAN and create a new Bluetooth PAN.

Don't bother with pairing and unpairing - it's nothing to do with that.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Network Cable DIsconnected...

Sounds like a very simple problem right? Well, it took me an hour to fix and the solution is so simple but it's never the first thing that comes into mind.

So yesterday I came home and Joey was asking my why Youtube upload keep failing, and upon inspection, the network connection was down. Here are the steps that was taken in sequence.

  • Check LAN connection on router - connection was intact
  • Check LAN connection on PC - connection was intact
  • Unplug LAN cable from PC and plug into my MacBook - MacBook detected LAN working - therefore PC LAN port fried?
  • Plug cable as peer from PC to MacBook - no problem, APIPA assigned and can ping each other (after turning off firewall at Windows 7)
  • Both LAN ports on PC and MacBooks seems OK. Router issue? Tried all 4 ports from Linksys WRT54G to PC - no connection - no lights at all and Windows says that Media Disconnected
  • Tried all 4 ports from Linksys to MacBook - all ports working!
  • Took out my 8 port 10BaseT hub and connect to Linksys - no problem - lights on
  • Plug my MacBook into 10BaseT hub - obtained DHCP and able to browse Internet
  • Plug PC into 10BaseT hub - lights we on but no DHCP IP
  • Restarted DHCP Client service - no help
  • Disabled NIC and reenable - no help
  • Uninstall NIC driver and reinstall - no help
  • Rebooted PC - numerous time - no help
  • Changed the NIC card auto-negotiation setting to both 100Mbps and 10Mbps - no help
At this point - you must be wondering that it's a hardware issue - well it's kinda. The solution is ... <drum roll> ...

  • YANK the power cord from the PSU, wait for a few seconds to make sure all power is discharged - and turn PC back on. Everything works fine now.
Conclusion? I think it's a combination of a few things:
  • The house had a power trip that evening,
  • It was never an issue before coz I had a UPS
  • The UPS died last year
  • Somehow the NIC card thinks that the Linksys caused the power trip and therefore actively rejects it - until a complete power cycle (from the mains power, that is) is performed

Monday, February 22, 2010

Engrish - KCH Edition

Having lunch nearby my parents place, we came across this...

Hmm. What kind of beans need that much protection? Maybe it was Jack's.

Cruise down further and it dawned upon me.

It is suppose to mean 哈尔滨, a place in China.


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