Monday, November 01, 2010

Skype + IRC?

Hey guys did you know that you can issue IRC like commands in Skype? OK if you don’t know what’s IRC then you are probably born > 1990.

How awesome is that. Anyone wanna feel how it feels to be kick or kick/banned? hehe.

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/add [Skype Name]
Adds a contact to the chat.

Disable message alert notifications.

/alertson [text]
Allows you to specify exactly what needs to appear in a chat for the chat to pop up. For example, your name.

/call [Skype Name]
Starts a Skype call.

Removes the chat history entirely. Cannot be undone.

Remove the password security.

/find [text]
Finds specific text in a chat.

/get allowlist
Details people with access to the chat.

/get banlist
Details people banned from the chat.

/get creator
Details the person who created the chat.

/get guidelines
See the current chat's guidelines.

/get options
Details active options for current chat.

/get password_hint
Get the password hint.

/get role
Details your role in the chat.

Puts a Creator tag next to the chat creator's name.

Loads the complete chat history into the active chat window.

An HTML file of the chat history opens up in a browser window.

Details number of people in chat and maximum number available.

/kick [Skype Name]
Eject chat member.

/kickban [Skype Name]
Ejects chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat.

Leave current chat – unavailable if you are a chat’s creator.

/me [text]
Your name will appear followed by any text you write.

/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Members allowed in the chat.

/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Members banned from the chat.

/set guidelines [text]
Set a chat’s guidelines.

/set options [[+|-]flag]
Sets options for this chat, see below for more info.

/set password [text]
Create a password (no spaces allowed).

/set password_hint [text]
Create the chat's password hint text.

/setpassword [password] [password hint]
Create a password and password hint for the chat.

/setrole [Skype Name] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER
Allows you to set a role to each chat member. A description of roles is given below.

/topic [text]
Changes the chat topic.

/whois [Skype Name]
Provides details about a chat member such as current role.

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