Monday, November 01, 2010

Week 1–Home Alone

photo 2

That’s Wye home shopping with me.

So I moved into the new place last Saturday. AF and Fiona was nice enough to help me shift in and had a short tour of the (empty) house.

Sleeping alone is creepy. Sleeping alone in a new country is even more creepier. I kept psyching myself that there is no ghost in the house. Or as AF puts it, “Australia where got ghost one.”

You can argue that I have sleep in hotels before, but there are actual human beings next door, or at least a lift down. But this is suburbia at it’s finest – i.e. quiet. And the house being a single storey bungalow does not help either.

Interesting fact about property terms:

  • House = bungalow
  • Villa = quad / 6 semi-detached houses
  • Apartments = condo/mid cost apartment
  • Units = low cost flat

Only have 3 things in the house now:

  1. 1 x Ikea single bed
  2. Samsung 8KG Top Loader Washing Machine
  3. Samsung 511L Fridge

As hermit as it gets.

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