Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Vid explains all.


Grado Kaki

Add one more to the list:

img112 img111

Kuching Food

I might have missed this post during my last trip back to Kuching at May. Had limited chance to go out to eat, but one evening we slipped out and ta pao-ed the following!


First up, satey babi!!!


and accompanying peanut sauce!


Next, tao geh mee! (Bean Sprout Noodles)


Lastly, tomato mee!


And here are the stalls I got them from at Hui Sing Hawker Food Center, Kuching:



Mobile Film Crew

If you have wondered how the driving scenes are shot in TV, here is the Malaysian way to do it.


I shot this while coming down from Securities Commission. They could have just mounted the camera on the car though.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disappointing Copy Cat

So the other day I dropped by to pick up a quick lunch from the Big D. "Hmm! What is that new item I see!" I said.

So I ordered an "Big N' Tasty" combo.

After chowing it down, I have concluded:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I can't stop watching the video over and over again.......MUAHAHHAHHAHHHAHH!

KennySia: Indian Game Shows Are Awesome

The part I enjoy most is the smirk on the guys face when he told her to fuck herself off the set. The grin, the confidence, even the arrogance.

And the fact that the bitch got so stunned when she got slapped back. Wa lao - she should have seen it coming lo.

Too bad the guy got his ass whooped big time - and was crying like baby afterwards.

Somewhere I will not go to service my car

I wonder why this car owner is so proud of his service center:


p/s Kanasai in Hokkien = like shit.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


You have heard of webcams that follows the swaying of your face (Logitech Sphere).

You have even heard of webcams that will track you when you walk around the room (Polycom Video Conferencing).

But have you heard of 360 panoramic view webcam? Eat this.


Enter the Microsoft Roundtable!

It has 6 CMOS sensors which shoots up to a prism like mirror to form the panoramic view. It will show EVERYONE in the room ALL THE TIME.

Now how cool is that. Drop by my office or join drop me a line and we can do Live Meeting over the Internet.... ala Roundtable style!

Not to forget, this is the ONLY unit in Malaysia. Even Microsoft Malaysia have to beg us to lend it from us.

Office Mayhem

The girls at the office decided to give their group manager something..... enticing.

To her husband anyway.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Road Side Toilet

When you hear Road Side Toilet, the words "wooden hut, hole in ground, toilet seat with stains" is what comes to you mind.

Surprisingly, I have the opportunity to pang jior (pee) in one of the few "automated" toilet in KL city center.

Check it out, got door control ala lift - even comes equipment with alarm button in case you caught your jiao jiao in zipper?


Nice mirror - what is that warning sign ar?


Automated sink, minus the nose/pubic hair.


Even got a nice tray to change the baby's diapers. Erm - some horny couples can probably use it for something else...


So go try it out, best 20 cents I have spent for public amenity. Got air cond some more. But 1 caveat.

The door opens automatically within 15 mins. Don't say I didn't warn you. Can be found at junction across Wisma Sime Darby, KL.


Some people leaves lip stick stain.

Monica left some of Bill's stain on her.

LCie left this for me this morning: