Saturday, March 19, 2005

Back again, (spiritually?)

Here am I, working late into the night (actually morning at 3am). I have recently read some report on Yahoo news that Asians are people who really sleep late….i guess I would like to make a correction to that statement….we sleep really early!


Anyway, my brain is mushy now, and I am suppose to finish up a tender, which is due in a few more hours (5pm)…. Got to get some sleep…zzzz


Life’s gonna be much more interesting now, especially after some life changing decision needs to be made. It’s actually not that serious as it sounds, but I will let you guys know what’s it’s all about when everything is settled down.


I hope I can arrive home in one piece (it’s 20 mins drive from office to my place), and hopefully my dear roommate is sound asleep and not waken up by me.


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