Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tomorrow, I plan to ...

... bake me some crispy bacon.

Will let you guys know whether I am successful in attempting to recreate Aussie style bacon.

I don't get why people...

... buy thousand Ringgit iPods and use the bundled earbuds.

It's audiophile sin. At least get a Crossroads Mylarone Bijou la.

Will post a review after my unit arrives.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I really hate my D630

Where got laptop computer have wireless working battery life of 1 hour?! Might as well just call it a luggable computer.


Even kinda make me miss my old D630 - at least that had a 9 cell with about 2.5 hrs of work time.

Dream wireless lappies:

4 cell sucks. Someone give me fuel cell fast!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I needed to say this. These.

I needed to get this off my chest for a while already. But before you even bother to continue reading, let me forewarn you that this is going to be a very long winded piece. If you have better things to do, CTRL+F4 please.

One more warning, I will strongly offend a lot of people in this post. For those who have strong connection with God, I urge you to turn away as well.

Done? OK - let's start.

I hate God. I fucking hate God for all the bad things that have happened to me lately. I hate Him for not standing up for me when times are tough. I hate him for probably MAKING times tough for me. And I hate God for my current financial difficulty.

You all know I drive a really old Proton. It's so old that I have decided not take it for the upcoming trip up North, for the fear of killing my friends. I'm so sure that it's going to kill me one day. And for some crazy reason, I feel that one day is inching to me, day by day.

We really cannot afford even a 2nd hand RM40K car, with the new baby coming and the housing loan refinancing and what not. It's really bloody shameful for someone who carries the title of "Manager" to drive an old car like that. Considering all my peers are driving Mercs, BMWs - and the very least, NEW Japanese cars.

Just to kick it in, I made a quick survey and found out that none of the people around me who is around my age, that I know of, drives a Proton Wira anymore. Everyone have upgraded to non local cars, all new. WHY NOT ME! WHY WHY WHY!!! I am so angry. Worked my ass off everyday and have to suffer with this situation.

Here is the most funniest part about all this. All the best stuff I own are subsidized by the company. My Q9h? Last of my flex dollar. The last Dopod 595? Lucky draw. My Creative Zen? Project bonus. The iffy Macbook (or Pro)? 1/2 to be paid by the company (if that's gonna happen at all).

Such a fucking joke. I am so broke that I can't even own anything by my own. Had to leech off the office. Even had to beg, in some cases (MB). My Crumpler backpack? Gift from my wife. HOW COME I AM SUCH A BIG FUCKING LOSER!

Back to hating God - why do You have to bring so much pain into my life. Why do I constantly feel like I need to scratch my skin off my bone, in by inch, EVERY FUCK DAY. Why do I have to, NEED TO, feel bad when everyone stares at dry, cracked, bleeding skill all day long. It's already bad enough that I grew up with all my friends thinking that I am a wierdo but you have to make the pain and embarrassment come back again and again. I only had less than 10 good itch-less years, OKEY?! AND YOU HAD TO TAKE IT AWAY!!!

Why does my son have to fall and have a scar on his skull. WHY PUNISH HIM! Why do You have to make my son lie in a hospital for 4 days, with no food or drink. And why does it have to be 2 weeks away before the cooling off period of his medical card. WHY WHY!

Is it because I bought a Nintendo Wii just one week before and You have to punish me like that? Is that it? YOU WANT REVENGE IS IT! It is so hard to ask for something that I dream off to own as a kid! I DID NOT OWN A GAME CONSOLE UNTIL I AM ALMOST 30 YEARS OLD, OK!!! You happy or not! Other people's 7 year old children are playing PS3 one OK! OKEYYYYYYYYY! WHY NOT PUNISH THEM!

And that is just one example of why I have to work so much more harder for anything in life. Anything that so simple for anyone else to have, seems to take super extra effort for me to materialize. Things that people buy out of whim always seem to be a GABAZILLION miles away from me.

Matter a fact, I am so angry at HIM, that I have stop observing abstinence on Friday anymore. I have never never ever done this in 30 years of my life. Ever. But for the past few Fridays, it has been McDonalds, KFC and Ramli Burger all the way man. I'll show you! GOD DAMN! I WILL EAT WHATEVER FUCKING MEAT I WANT TO - ANY FUCKING TIME!!! BLOW AR!

Punish me all you want - I'll survive. I've had it worst. Just today, I had a Double Cheese Burger, and WHAM! My car broke down in middle of no where, parking in the middle of a parking lot which is abandoned, and it was raining and I twisted my ankle because I stepped into a big hole coz it was so dark that I could not see it. Whatever. I got out of it. I got back home. Punish me all you like, it's not going to make me like You more right now. BUGGER OFF.

That's it. It's not graceful venting, but I had to do it. It's my FUCKING right to do so. If you think I am ungrateful - fuck it. You are probably better off than I am anyway. Don't believe? Tell me what car you drive, what iPod you listen to, what phone you use and how much debt you owe the bank. So sod off.

You want to tell God off about me? Sure, I don't give a god damn rat's ass anymore. Will I still go to church? Lucky You, coz I'm doing it for my wife and kid. DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T HATE YOU. Doesn't mean that I don't resent you all the time.

You know, maybe devil worshiping is not such a bad thing after all. At least the Satan's bible teaches you to believe in yourself. Maybe I am well off better on my own anyway. Maybe. Maybe.


Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Finally Done

There has been something that has been on my mind ever since she arrived into my life.

The lure is just too strong. I think about it day and night. Hadn't had a proper night sleep since. That thing that I want to do have totally occupied every tiny little available space of my mind.

I talked to my wife Joey and she strongly suggested against it. Matter a fact, she was quite stern and gave me a borderline threat.

I consulted a few close friends, and all of them think that it's a very very bad idea. When I told them how I felt about doing it, they just shook their head in despair.

But I know deep down they wanted to do the same thing as well.

I even took a health exam to make sure I was up to it. I spend sometime with my doctor to discuss the pros and cons, and even he has strong reservation about it. He said that the detrimental health impact might take a while to recover.

I told him that I didn't care. The urge was way too strong to resist. I would most certainly lose my mind if I don't take action soon.

That's when it started to hit me, maybe it's not worth it. At this age, it's probably best not to risk it, said to myself. Self doubt kicked in. Hard.

But's it's too hard to resist. So painful, am so weak. Life isn't fair. I even started to question God why I had to make such choices at this age.

So I decided to succumb into it. Give up. Give in.






All hail... the.... Wendy's 3/4 Pound Burger with Cheese!!!!!


Look at that baby! Look at the soft bun! Look at all 3 pieces of patty! Look at the CHEESE(es)!!!


Come to dada!


Didn't have space for any sides. Just the burger and mineral water to wash it down. Took me a full 15 mins of intense, non-stop chewing! Even the cashier was a bit wide eyed when I put down my order. Even asked me twice to confirm. The kitchen had to build my order from scratch. That's why the patty was very juicy and the cheese was very very moist.

Next to Out of Africa's Blue Cheese burger, this Wendy's is proven to be one of my most favorite in town.

Now, for my next challenge....


Sunday, October 19, 2008

NSFW: Nipples

Warning! Nudity ahead!


Click away if you are at work!


Scroll down if you are ready.









I grew some extra nips on me.


Side view:


Actually these are ECG hickeys. Took my full medical check up this morning. Those damn suction cups always get me bad.

To make it worst, one of the suction cups keep falling off, and the ECG reading had to be reset over and over again.

Then the nurse got her colleague to help, and what she did was put MORE KY on me, and then shift the suction cups up and down, while the sucker (sic) still sucking full force!

Damn shiong man.

I Can't Help Myself!

It has got to be caused by the trauma of being in science stream in secondary school.

When I saw this toilet cubical "wallpaper", I just want to write some formulas on it.


Saw this on my way back from home.


Reminder: You can always click on the picture to see the larger version.

Tesco Selayang

The other day, we went grocery shopping at Tesco Selayang. First time going there, it's very big and very quiet. It's one of those formal Makro hypermarts.

I have to say it's one of those days when you have multiple "Ahhh harr?" and "What the..." moments.

Don't understand why? Check these products out:


No wonder Malaysian police can never hit any gangsters with these.


Er.... really not safe for work ar. I guess it's for some child labor use niah.


Now this is really NSFW.

Sigh - Engrish, Manglish, Chinglish at it's best.

Caught Crab Handed...

The other day during a farewell party, the office decided to have some cuisine.

Guess what happened.


LH: No picture please!
LC: Eh... that's not crab meat you see...

Yeah right.... see the spoils just between both of them.


I wonder did they dream of crab that night.




原来我的儿子也和我一样无聊 - 喜欢坐下来细看看走来走去的人。

Malaysian Knight Rider?

Just some car I noticed next to me waiting for the light.


Maybe it also can transform into a warrior car and have some pew pew action too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steve Jobs Made My Wet Dream Come True

Finally, a respectful MacBook. No more cutting corners. No more compromises. No more 2nd fiddle to the bigger brother MacBook Pro.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"The nerve!"

Someone had the nerve to finish up the water in the cooler, and instead of changing with a new bottle, he/she (more likely she) just dragged a new bottle and left it at the feet of the cooler.

(Meaning to expect the next person who needs a drink to change the bottle.)


And don't give me the crap that girls cannot change a bottle - then what for spend so much money to go Yoga or Gym!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


"He is who he is, mom. You knew that when you jumped into the car with him. If you worried that you made a mistake, then it's not his fault."

"You have to love him for who he is. Not his potential."

--Californication S02E02 15:30