Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Finally Done

There has been something that has been on my mind ever since she arrived into my life.

The lure is just too strong. I think about it day and night. Hadn't had a proper night sleep since. That thing that I want to do have totally occupied every tiny little available space of my mind.

I talked to my wife Joey and she strongly suggested against it. Matter a fact, she was quite stern and gave me a borderline threat.

I consulted a few close friends, and all of them think that it's a very very bad idea. When I told them how I felt about doing it, they just shook their head in despair.

But I know deep down they wanted to do the same thing as well.

I even took a health exam to make sure I was up to it. I spend sometime with my doctor to discuss the pros and cons, and even he has strong reservation about it. He said that the detrimental health impact might take a while to recover.

I told him that I didn't care. The urge was way too strong to resist. I would most certainly lose my mind if I don't take action soon.

That's when it started to hit me, maybe it's not worth it. At this age, it's probably best not to risk it, said to myself. Self doubt kicked in. Hard.

But's it's too hard to resist. So painful, am so weak. Life isn't fair. I even started to question God why I had to make such choices at this age.

So I decided to succumb into it. Give up. Give in.






All hail... the.... Wendy's 3/4 Pound Burger with Cheese!!!!!


Look at that baby! Look at the soft bun! Look at all 3 pieces of patty! Look at the CHEESE(es)!!!


Come to dada!


Didn't have space for any sides. Just the burger and mineral water to wash it down. Took me a full 15 mins of intense, non-stop chewing! Even the cashier was a bit wide eyed when I put down my order. Even asked me twice to confirm. The kitchen had to build my order from scratch. That's why the patty was very juicy and the cheese was very very moist.

Next to Out of Africa's Blue Cheese burger, this Wendy's is proven to be one of my most favorite in town.

Now, for my next challenge....


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