Monday, December 31, 2007

Another SpyShot...

This morning while I was driving to work, via the Segambut Dalam shortcut, I saw this Indian guy driving this old old Japanese guy, who is draped in some factory supervisor/engineer uniform... The car was white, and certain parts are covered in white tape. May it's the new facelift Nissan Teana?

Pics coming up! Be the judge yourself...



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Proton BLM Spotted...

The other day when I was having lunch with the MB gang, we spotted the new unlaunched Proton BLM on the road... Because it was stuck in the huge jam somewhere in Masjid Jamek, we frantically took many shots. In fact, too many until the guy inside the car tulan and took his camara out and shoot back :) Thanks to LH for having her CyberShot with her...

DSC08331 DSC08332 DSC08333 DSC08334 DSC08335 DSC08336 DSC08337 DSC08338

If you wanna know more about the Proton BLM, read here for excellent information:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Comes Early (Part 3)

Next, after ditching the old stroller in the car, armed with the new Maclaren, we went downstairs to take some "commercial" Christmas pictures. Man, was it "People Mountain People Sea" or what... Didn't really get a good shot as Iz was really excited with his new ride...

P1020851 P1020844 P1020846

 P1020849 P1020850

Was nicely surprised that our friend's cupcake business - Cup Cake Chic ( had a booth there as well! Quickly asked whether Joanne was around, but I guess she was busy with her new Cupcakery! Congratulations Jo!

Christmas Comes Early (Part 2)

Next comes to the stroller shopping. Having already done extensive research, we decided on the following criteria:

  • As light weight as possible,
  • As foldable as possible,
  • But still be able to recline somewhat,
  • Don't want fancy cup-holders, super suspension, tray or any other fancy pansy.
  • Not > RM1000.

We ended with the following shortlist:

  • Peg Perego - Pliko P3
    • Liked: this for complete recline, reasonable weight, one swift fold
    • Hated: too many accessories, most heaviest among compared, RM1.7K (!)
  • Maclaren - Quest Sport/Mod
    • Liked: lightest, can incline 45 degrees, cheapest among compared - ~RM800
    • Hated: hard to find, harness no padding
  • Quinny (Maxi-Cosi) - Zapp
    • Liked: Smallest folded! It's barely longer than my tripod when folded, looks very high tech
    • Hated: Zero recline, no padding anywhere at all, price ~ RM1000-ish, hassle to close (at least 4 steps)

Was in happy mood after nice dinner, and the salesperson was very sincere, so out came from Mothercare @ 1 Utama, this => (

Hot off the press:


It's a actually Quest Mod, which costs RM100 more than Quest Sport due to the "designer" fabric pattern, but oddly Mothercare sells both at the same higher price of RM 819. No discount even though there is a sales going on. was selling about RM20 cheaper for the Mod version, but what the hack, we were in a happy shopping mood.

Christmas Comes Early (Part 1)

Since we are already in the holiday moods, we decided to go out to have an early Christmas celebration.... It has been ages since me and Jo had a proper Japanese dine in...

Cue from (, I decided to try out Umai-Ya's branch at The Place, Damansara Perdana ( Thinking it's just going to be one of those lame typical "traditional" Japanese, where the food is gonna be expensive, yet so so quality...

Boy was I wrong.

It was good. Seriously good. How good? The ingredients are the most freshest I have tested in a restaurant (and that's including non-Japs as well). I had the Umai-Ya Bento Set (RM50), and it had the mother-lode of everything I would expect. From super duper nicely cut fresh Salmon sashimi, to Chawan-mushi, to cold noodle, to Eel/Unagi, to Tempura, to Miso soup, and even green tea icecream. And they don't just impress with quantity, the freshness of each element really surprised me. Definately coming back for more.

Some pics of the gang:

P1020838 P1020833 P1020834 P1020837

Sunday, December 09, 2007



今天让我来介绍一个很好用的免费软件 => WinDirStat (



看起来有点复杂?别怕别怕,就好像鬼佬讲的“easy as an pie“。

它能将档件类型分成不一样的颜色分类。就如以上的案例,蓝色是方块是VPC档件 (可见我有多勤劳工作。。。)。 在各自的格子点一点击,它就能显示档件的方位。