Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Comes Early (Part 2)

Next comes to the stroller shopping. Having already done extensive research, we decided on the following criteria:

  • As light weight as possible,
  • As foldable as possible,
  • But still be able to recline somewhat,
  • Don't want fancy cup-holders, super suspension, tray or any other fancy pansy.
  • Not > RM1000.

We ended with the following shortlist:

  • Peg Perego - Pliko P3
    • Liked: this for complete recline, reasonable weight, one swift fold
    • Hated: too many accessories, most heaviest among compared, RM1.7K (!)
  • Maclaren - Quest Sport/Mod
    • Liked: lightest, can incline 45 degrees, cheapest among compared - ~RM800
    • Hated: hard to find, harness no padding
  • Quinny (Maxi-Cosi) - Zapp
    • Liked: Smallest folded! It's barely longer than my tripod when folded, looks very high tech
    • Hated: Zero recline, no padding anywhere at all, price ~ RM1000-ish, hassle to close (at least 4 steps)

Was in happy mood after nice dinner, and the salesperson was very sincere, so out came from Mothercare @ 1 Utama, this => (

Hot off the press:


It's a actually Quest Mod, which costs RM100 more than Quest Sport due to the "designer" fabric pattern, but oddly Mothercare sells both at the same higher price of RM 819. No discount even though there is a sales going on. was selling about RM20 cheaper for the Mod version, but what the hack, we were in a happy shopping mood.

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