Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Golden Apple

Well well, just after I put up my previous post, I found out that the new PolyBook is the new Golden Apple of the year. I'm a darn fraking genius.

Read all about it here =>

New Poly MacBook is Here!

I think it's the best time ever for Malaysian companies to make the switch to Mac!

Check it out =>

For RM3,699 it's practically the same thing as my RM6,606 aluminum MacBook, sans the metal of course. The previous MacBook was priced RM200 less, but now you got double the RAM and extra oomph in the graphics department!

Plus, I've been laughing away since the Konflicker debacle started :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Joey and I came across this chocolate centric "coffee" house in 1 Utama, while trying to get Iz some new year clothes.

It's called theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Joey, as the resident coffee addict, decided to go against convention and ordered their flat white:

Hmm - failed attempt at Coffee art. Although the cup was interesting though:

All their choco drinks has very pussy names, like Snow White, Fair Lady and Ms Coco. I decided to have the latter, with the derivative version of Mocha Frappe.

I've got to say, it's absolutely the best choco Frappe that I ever had! The Belgian dark choco was with the right bitter taste, and I can feel the choco bits melting as I am writting this.

Great stuff - well recommended. Ms. Coco Mocha Frappe for RM12.50, which I think is a fair price compared to the rubbish that Coffee Bean/Starbucks is charging me for.

Googled them and apparently they are Australian based. Here's their web site >

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuit

Before you feel violated, by expecting a positive food blog entry, turn away now.

I warned you.

So we discovered that there is a new American fast food chain that just opened their virgin branch in Malaysia, we had to try it for lunch. You all know that how much I love American fast food, Wendy’s being my current supa-favorite.

It’s located at TTDI, just across of the KFC. What irony. Some more 3 doors away from KFC, there’s a Ayamas outlet.

Back to the story, was eager to try out their wares, so I splurged and decided to add on their RM5.99 Cajun Fries.

And this is what I got for my 6 Smackeroos :


* My finger there for size comparison.

It’s very little for RM6 la wei! I even purposely asked the manager “Is this all the fries I get for RM6?”, and I got a murmur back as an answer. The fries tastes just like A&W’s curly fries, or McD’s twister fries. Just straight. (not gay?)

TMD. I haven’t even mention how slow the queue was. It took me 20 mins just to wait for 2 group of people in front of my to complete their orders. Come on la, this is not Wendy’s where they build the burgers from ground up. These are just god-damn-pre-fried-chickens, OK!

More disappointment for the rest of the guys:


9 pieces of “succulent” shrimps for RM9.90. They are so tiny that my zits are bigger than them.

Then, this is their version of “mashed potato”:


Notice the garlic in the not-so-brown brown sauce. Where got people use garlic as an ingredient for Mash!? Don’t get me wrong, I love garlic, but not in everything OK!

And even the main attraction, which are the fried chicken and “biscuits” are just plain so so only. The chicken was a bit dry, and the “biscuits” are just very very salty scone. Beats me why they choose to call them “biscuits”.

Now come the worst part, look at all the paper products wasted. Why did they have to put a piece of wax paper on every dish? Not environmentally friendly at all.


Here’s the bill, and proof of how much the fries cost:


WIR? No thank you. Sekali cukup. Unless I hear some more good reviews from other bloggers.

Sunday, January 04, 2009



窮人不奮鬥就會餓死。 有錢人奮鬥是怕別人講他們等分家產,所以就表面意思意思用老子的本錢“自己”做生意當做是奮鬥。

窮人駕爛車是因為買不起好車。 有錢人不駕名貴車是怕被打槍或綁票。




Saturday, January 03, 2009