Friday, September 05, 2008

Road Side Toilet

When you hear Road Side Toilet, the words "wooden hut, hole in ground, toilet seat with stains" is what comes to you mind.

Surprisingly, I have the opportunity to pang jior (pee) in one of the few "automated" toilet in KL city center.

Check it out, got door control ala lift - even comes equipment with alarm button in case you caught your jiao jiao in zipper?


Nice mirror - what is that warning sign ar?


Automated sink, minus the nose/pubic hair.


Even got a nice tray to change the baby's diapers. Erm - some horny couples can probably use it for something else...


So go try it out, best 20 cents I have spent for public amenity. Got air cond some more. But 1 caveat.

The door opens automatically within 15 mins. Don't say I didn't warn you. Can be found at junction across Wisma Sime Darby, KL.

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