Tuesday, November 09, 2010

W2–Still Home Alone + Chairs.

Week 2 and still home alone. Manage to clean out the study room so one more room to go (kids’ room).

Managed to sort out all the great kitchen stuff that Chris left me. Washed them and organized them into proper storage location.

Sat: went out with the guys to Cash and Carry – man it’s massive! It’s located inside the industry area in Canning Vale, just across the road from Halliburton’s office in Perth. It’s basically a massive warehouse of household stuffs. If you buy them in bulk then some items can be really cheap.

Note: You need to own a small business or be RAC member to get in.

Sun: cooked breakfast and lunch. Found out that I don’t have a knife yet to used scissors to cut up the bacon bits hehe. Had to stand to eat on the counter – I have zero chairs.



Went out to see Raymond who is so nice to give me his old TV cabinet. It ended a lot bigger than I got but lucky the Euro’s door can swing wide open. Thanks Raymond!

photo 5

Here are some of the appliances I bought from Retravision, and got a great money saving tip from Raymond. Bargain and shop around. Always do price match. I got the fridge down from 988>900>789.

photo 1

Look at the awesome white LEDs!

photo 2

Got this washing machine got a good deal too! 8KG for 700.

photo 3

Decided to “Asian out” (as in chicken out) and bought Samsungs instead of local brands Smile with tongue out No Japanese branded appliance anywhere to be found.

Oh and I had to get a Dyson:

photo 4

It’s a Dyson DC23. These Dyson are crazy man – they suck suck and suck (in a good way) all the dirt off the carpet. The tank was nearly full from just a room! If you got carpets, go get one. AUD800.

Getting into rhythm now, Sat = shopping, Sun = laundry + clean house.

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