Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nokia Part Deux

So I went back to SS2 to show the guy that it was indeed was a lemon. But as part of routine, the sales guy Alex still wanted to update the firmware. Yes, there was a high version jump (4.x to 5.x), but the wait (almost 1 hour) was in vein, as the problem immediately pop up.

So I told him that a one to one swap is in order, since the phone is new, but he insisted that I should bring back the box for the exchange, because there was a serial number at the side. Sigh.

An hour later, showed up with the box, gave me a new unit, which is still the old 4.x firmware. Played around, and the camera function seems OK. Matter a fact, the sliding function is much more solid than the previous 3 units he showed me. Insisted that he upload the latest firmware (there quite a bit of UI change), which he grudgingly did.

I was curious what software he uses to do the upload, and I asked for a copy. Alex was shell shocked and said that it's only for Nokia "authorized dealers" only. Incidentally, there was this brochure in front of his counter and it was showing the Nokia Software Update.

So I picked it up, and showed it to Alex, and he was scrutinizing it thoroughly. When I asked him whether that was the same software he was using, and he said "NO".

TMD KKN CCB. I took a peek at his screen, and true enough, it's the same software => Nokia Software Update.

So guys, be weary of those cock talking mobile phone salesperson.

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