Saturday, December 13, 2008

Consolation Price from Apple

I was probably the first few person to order a MB from the Apple Online Store Malaysia, so they were nice enough to send me something as a thank you gift.

Although they have over promised on the deliverable date (not their fault, it was the stupid Royal Customs), they did provide an excellent phone experience. The IVR had 2 simple options only (1 for purchase, 2 for support) and a human being (from Singapore) always pick up on the 2nd ring.

Back to the gift, here is what they gave me.

Such a purtee box!

A thank you card with Apple logo on it.

Feels like Christmas comes early!

Ooh! What is this? A micro fabric for me to wipe off the grease from the MB display? (grin)


It's actually a custom t-shirt, made by American Apparel

Here's the back.

Somehow those Apple people are rather telepathic, the got the size exactly correct. Or maybe I got fatter again.

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