Sunday, December 28, 2008


If you have been to any Microsoft compete seminars, you would have definitely heard of the term F.U.D. (see Wikipedia entry here), which stands for:

Fear - people are scared of things that they do not understand
Uncertainty - plant ideas that the future is "uncertain", or question one's belief in the future
Doubt - plan old negative comments can go a long way

I am very surprised that there are many people around me injecting FUD into me when I talk about migration to Australia. Common FUDs are:

Fear - Have you lived in Australia? Do you know how old is the winter? The summer there is hotter than Malaysia, can your children take it?

Uncertainty - Do you think you can hold a job? Will your job pay enough for your family? What about the economy situation?

Doubt - I don't think you will fit into their society/culture. Can you really leave your parents behind? I have seen many family regret but cannot move back to Malaysia. If you burn all your bridges (put all your savings into it), you will regret for the rest of your life when it does not work out.

Well, I say, thanks for the all the FUD information, it is valuable because I do know that these are things that I need to consider/make preparations for, but this will make me even stronger.

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