Friday, December 19, 2008


I think I am often misunderstood. For example:

Me: I feel really bad about myself when I see kids driving more expensive cars than me.
Other people would think: Why you are so materialistic? Is driving a better car a very important thing in life?
What I really meant: I feel sad that I am not within control of my life. If I can't even reach for something simple, like a car, what about other bigger things in life? Can I provide for my family for the next 20 years? How about my children's university tuition fees?

Me: I want to migrate to a developed country because I see all my friends there are doing so well, even with just holding a job.
Other people would think: So you just want to live a better lifestyle overseas huh? Is bigger house and car what you are chasing for?
Me: I want the best for my family. When I meant best, not cars and houses. Education and medicare systems are more important to me. If my friends can have excess finances to afford luxury items even with just holding a job, that means that a career does mean something there. That is what lifestyle means to me. And that is what scares me in Malaysia, good education and proper health care is very very expensive. If I can't afford a proper car, what of the things that really matters.

Sometimes I think I am better with words than speech.


de Cor's said...

Don't worry John. I am often misunderstood too. Like, when I truly want to offer some help, I often perceived as being way too discouraging.


NathenNod said...