Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Great Blogging Software Search (OS X)

So I had been searching high and low for a proper replacement for Live Writer. Like it or not, Live Writer is one of those rare gems that Microsoft got it right the first time around. It's clean, easy to setup, and supports drag and drop picture uploads. And it supports Live Spaces (d'oh) and Blogger perfectly.

After much research, I am sad to announce that there is no equal in the OS X world. Many bloggers will swear by either ecto or MarsEdit, and some even ScribeFire, but here are some glaring misses compared to LW:

  1. Full support for Live Spaces. That means easy setup and picture upload directly to MSN Storage.
  2. Full preview before post within Editor. Which means that the software should totally apply all the CSS templates and give me a full preview when I am still editing the post inside the editor.
  3. Insert pix first, upload later together with post. Means I can write all my posts offline first, pix included. All the OS X variations forces me to upload the pix before I can continue to edit.

Don't get me wrong, the OS X experience has been great so far, but these are some of the very few shortcomings. Maybe I am missing something, anyone to comment?

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