Monday, December 15, 2008

Of Traffic Summons

Dear friends,

Please stop giving bribes to traffic polices. Other than the fact that it's illegal, I'll give you several more good reasons why not.

  • Some police blockades are not authorized - and these cops are acting on their own benefit - in another words, they are out there to make a profit, not to enforce the law,

  • If you are genuinely got red handed for an offense, please admit that you wrong and pay the price of having lesson learnt - you'd get better at your driving skills,

  • The feel good factor, knowing that you have help the country to reduce the corruption rate. If we all do the same thing, sooner or later the coppers will give up asking for a bribe,

  • Of many times you got blocked, most likely you did not had a genuine offense, and you were scared into paying a bribe for something that you did not commit. If everyone stand up to them, they'll stop pulling this dirty trick

  • Have you ever felt angry as you are pulling away from the road block, having given a bribe? Trust me, that feeling is part embarrassment, part cheated. The solution is simple - stop "paying" bribes.

  • So the next time you pulled over, be honest and be firm. Apologize and ask for the summon. Play dumb when they ask "macam mana nak tolong?". Do not ever pull a smart comment or else you'd get yourself into even more trouble then need be.

    Wanna a good example? Read here.

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