Saturday, December 20, 2008


Many years before I started as the lowly Microsoft ASP programmer, I was a hardcore non-MS user. I actually started with Sinclair ZX Spectrum, learning my ropes around BASICA.

(switch 1) Then came my first MS-DOS machine, a 80286. Then the first "proper" Microsoft Windows, which is Win95 on a Acer Pentium.

(switch 2) Although by the time I was in collage, Windows 95/98 stuck, nothing else from Microsoft did. I used Netscape Navigator (remember those?), mIRC, ICQ and my final year project was on ColdFusion. I was tempted to dabble in Linux as well. So no MS in sight.

(switch 3) Then came my first job, and all I could eat and drink was SQL Server 6.5, IIS 5.0, Visual InterDev 1.0. Then came Windows NT/2000, Active Directory, Exchange 5.5/2000 and I never turned back. Was preaching Microsoft both professionally and personally. Beta tested several apps, and started to use Vista on a day to day basis since Beta 2.

(switch 4) Then came the MacBook. And with it, Leopard. And has been loving it since. Who cares about missing apps (there is always VMWare/Parallels). Who cares about Microsoft's "integrated" experience with WinMob and god forbid, Zune. It's all about the reliability! The sub second wake from sleep, the multi touch pad (which is so good that I ditched my RM299 VX Nano), the simple software update process, and the feeling that it will work everytime, anytime. Priceless.

Maybe I'll switch back if Windows 7 can proof it's worth, but I doubt that it'll win me over that easily. So now, it's me and my Mac for the meantime.


julians3 said...

welcome :) he he

NathenNod said...

Very good. Best thing I owned. Ever.

julians3 said...

Btw, was thinking should we create something for apps store????

check this out