Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fido what?

Nope, this has nothing to do with Fido Dido.

I've been working on this Exchange 2013 Hybrid deployment when I came across this when accessing OWA from IE11/Win8.1.

After I sign on (Exchange 2013 FBA), OWA briefly loads and then crashes with the following error message:

X-OWA-Error: ClientError;exMsg='fidoCallback' is undefined;file=
X-OWA-Version: 15.0.995.29
X-BEServer: null

Scouring the Internet, I could not find any reference to "fidoCallback" relating to OWA, but there were some other suggestions relating to Office 365 OWA crashing in similar fashion (but no reference to fidoCallback):

  1. Clearing the cache (d'oh - first thing that anyone would try)
  2. Reset IE's security setting to default (under Advanced tab, not Security tab)
  3. Try InPrivate browsing
  4. Make sure "Enable XMLHTTP Support" is enabled
None of them worked. I thought I was going mad as I got some other people to try it out as well, same Win8.1 and IE11. All of them worked.

Then I came across an article that talked about setting IE as the default browser -  (I use Chrome almost exclusively - which can access OWA without a problem) and it worked. Bizarre! To set IE as default, Start > Search > Default Programs > Set your default programs > Internet Explore > Set this program as default. Restarted my computer and voila!

I can't understand why this is happening, and I might ring up Microsoft if this persists. Keep posted!

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