Friday, October 03, 2014

Exchange 2013 - Problems Relocating Log Path

After one of the Exchange 2013 database got dismounted due to insufficient log space, I've done the typical "ESEUTIL /MK" command to move the transaction log files as any self respecting Exchange Administrator would do. After mounting the database, I issued the following PowerShell command to move the log path for that database to a larger drive:

move-databasepath "DatabaseName" -LogFolderPath "G:\BiggerExchangeLogs\"

The PowerShell would start and then awkwardly dump me back to the prompt without any message.

So I did some searching and came up with the following solution:

Dismount-Database –identity "DatabaseName" -verbose

Move-DatabasePath –identity "DatabaseName" –logFolderPath –configurationOnly:$TRUE –verbose

ROBOCOPY /MOVE /XD *Catalog* /XF *.edb

Mount-Database –identity "DatabaseName" –verbose

Dismount-Database –identity "DatabaseName" -verbose

Although the article is to fix another bug in Exchange 2010, it worked perfectly in Exchange 2013 CU6 for this purpose.


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