Friday, October 03, 2014

Exchange 2007 ActiveSync not playing nice with co-existence with Exchange 2013

This project that I am working on is giving me one gold nugget after another...  Anyway, so we are trying to setup co-existence between Exchange 2013 and 2007, and we stumbled into this issue.

Exchange 2013 does not seem want to proxy ActiveSync request for users still having mailbox on Exchange 2007. When testing Exchange Connectivity Test (, the error returned was:

An HTTP 500 response was returned from IIS7.

It seems that it's Exchange 2007 at fault here. The only way to fix it is to recreate the ActiveSync virtual directory on Exchange 2007, using the following PowerShell commands:

Remove-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Identity "EXCHANGEServer\Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default Web Site)" -Confirm:$false

New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -WebsiteName "Default Web Site" -InternalUrl "" -ExternalAuthenticationMethods Basic -InternalAuthenticationMethods Basic

The Exchange 2007 Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directory must be corrupted along the way. 


Unknown said...

Getting practically the exact same error, except recreating the ActiveSync directory doesn't seem to repair the issue

Unknown said...

Scrap that, forgot to do an IIS reset! ha

Anonymous said...

Excellent Same Error and this solved it.