Thursday, October 11, 2007

So Hard to Get People Out for Dinner

Shucks. It used to be:

Me: Ooi. Dinner.
He/She/Something: OK. Where? (No need to ask what time la idiot. When else would you eat dinner? 12pm ar? or 12am ar?)
Me: 1 Utama.
He/She/Something: OK, call you when I reach.

Nowwwww-a-days har.... (with a lot of sarcasm)

Me: Wanna catch dinner?
(You, yes you who are reading this!): Ahh... when/where/who/(eat)what? (Lucky minus How to go niah.)
Me: Ah... 1 Utama, Saturday? (BTW, this conversation took place a FEW days ahead ar!)
You: Hai yah. What to eat in 1 Utama? Sian la. Parking susah oso. Many ppl oso. Expensive but not good food.
Me: Er.... like that ar. Go to xxx (as in some fantasy place not in any shopping mall one), very cheap and good. OK?
You: Har? How to go? Need to check with my BF/GF/Mom/Doggie first. Come back to you later OK?
Me: Grrrr... sure....

So there you have it folks. But I do have theories on why this is happening:

  1. More people are eating in nowadays (due to many reasons, i.e. $, traffic, health),
  2. Most people are sick of seeing other people in real life. IM-ing is much easier, less commitment,
  3. People are getting more attached to a small set of people/family. Scare of getting to know new people.

Don't you agree?

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