Thursday, October 11, 2007

Signboard Obsession

The customer that I am working at had recently received some high priority customer visit. Which is great for their fledging business, but, for some reason, some special "preparation" was done prior to the visit. And, it's circled around the toilet. Hmm. Does the VIP really such a small bladder that they cannot hold it in for just an hour?

Anyway, here are the overkill of signboards that I found.

Specimen 1: Watch your step. It's an actual picture taken of the bathroom floor! Talk about originality.


Specimen 2: Urinal. As you can see, no automated flushing system.


Specimen 3: Another one just in case you are using the bowl.


Specimen 4: Just to let you know where to find all the other signboards...


There are actually more, but these are the only ones that I managed to snap without being seen as too weird. So, I guess an overkill of signboards with different color scheme and design does really help to bring awareness huh (and to bring value to the company..hmm)?

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