Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Slowing Down?

Seems like the few blogs that I had been following lately has grown a bit more quiet than usual. I normally follow around 10-ish lists, which I open via Firefox's "Opan All in Tabs" feature... (thank FF for that..)

Anyway, there are generally three categories of blogs I visit. There are the friend's blogs, friend's friend's blog which I found interesting, and then random blogs that came across. The later usually has a more stronger "flavor" to them... (aka political oriented).

So a couple of reasons that I can think of why the bloggers are slowing down are:

  1. Genuinely busy. Like day and night busy.
  2. Lost interest. More probably not getting sufficient feedback. Hey, we are all beasts that crave for attention, OK?
  3. Recent focus on bloggers. Like the news where a student wrote about a classmate who cheated in class, and now got sued by the cheating student's parents. Or our recent government scare of clamp down.
  4. So fed up that nothing changes, so just gave up trying to inspire worms (with no spine) to stand up for themselves.

So, something to ponder about.

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