Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Episode Oakley

Following's Targus Saga, I am running into some warranty issues with Oakley myself. Anyway, a year plus back me and Juls bought a pair of Oakley each after being sick and tired of wearing other brand of frame that kept getting crooked or broken all the time.

So we both went to this shop at Sg. Wang, which seem to have much better Oakley prices than anyone else. While Juls manage to find the frame he wanted pretty quick (he more leng chai ma... any frame also look shock...), I could not find one that suits me there. Jo wanted me to get a pair of Rayban frames...but... being the pussy that I am, I ....I ....*also* wanted an Oakley.

So we went shopping in other shops around Sg. Wang. And finally I found one that looked good on me. It was the Box Spring 4.0 (Rust). But the 2nd shop that had stock was selling way too expensive and was reluctant to reduce the price citing that "Oakley have controlled price, we cannot give discount lah!". So we went back to the first shop, pointed to the model that I wanted on a catalogue, and we both paid for our frames and prescriptions.

Anyway, 3 months down the road, the paint on my Oaks started to chip. First it was a small dent. Then the coating on the Oakley logo came off. Dan old me that Sydney Optical SS2 is one of the Premier Oakley Reseller and they handles warranty on behalf of Oakley, so I dropped my frame with them. Since it was within one year of purchase, 3 days later I got a brand new frame! Yay! (It even looked "newer" then the unit I bought, especially on the rubber parts....hmm...)

Then another few more months down the road, the same thing happened. More or less same places got the same paint chip, and again the Oakley logo coating is gone. Unfortunately it happened during one of the busiest period of my life (NextG+Iz), and up until last couple of weeks I had a chance to pay Sydney Optical a visit again.

The guy Marcus, apparently still remembers me (from the free service he *had* to render the last round) and this time around, he told me that the old policy of RM60 for frame replacement (post 1 year warranty) is no longer available, and I had to leave my frame with them to send back to Oakley to "value" the damages and cost of repair. Normally would be at least "RM100 plus plus".

Wa lao eh. Oakley is like car repair on insurance meh??

Anyway, I declined, because I smell something fishy.

So just now I manage to call up the official representative in Malaysia, which is Revelstoke Sdn. Bhd. The helpful lady June, explained to me why the policy change, and the transition period (which ended at 1 Jan 2007), and assure me that it's a fix price of RM175 (with original warranty card) and RM225 without for wired frame (non Titanium). I gave her the model number and color, and she said they are out of stock for that color, but she is more than happy to change to another color, which she has stock on hand. And the best thing is, I just need to drop by the office and she will give me the new one on the spot! No waiting!

So guys... Which of the 2 color should I go with?

Black Ice, ...or


And just to compare, here is my old Rust:

I'll update how it goes when I had a chance to go back to KLCC. And in case you need the contact, it's:

Revelstoke Sdn. Bhd.
A-3-1, Block A, Megan Avenue 1
189 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603.2166 1799
Fax: 603.2171 2799
Hours: Monday - Friday:  9:30am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 6:00pm

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Karen Baguios said...

The Oakley Sunglasses are so great but my favorite is the first picture, it's like Oakley Chieftain Matte Black Titanium frame.