Sunday, June 08, 2008

Women want Men

I have a very in depth conversation with someone the other day.

Basically, it revolves around what does a women look for in a men, for marrying purposes. It boils down to either:

  • Already have money, or
  • Have the prospect to earn a lot of money.

In this regard, women is divided into two categories:

  • Those who acknowledge the above fact, or
  • Those who does not.

And those who does not usually hide behind fantasy ideology called, "LOVE". I am sure quite a bunch of you are going into disgust now, but let me assure you that the above facts came from the horses' mouth. And I have a simple explanation for those who feel how they feel - wait for it.... wait for it.... naive-ness.

It's because you are not old enough to know it. Either you are still in your first relationship, or had the luck (or bad luck) to be in one yet, or because the idea of living with someone for the rest of your life has not crossed your mind yet. Really.

Trust me, it's a yardstick that you had been using to size your man up, from the day one you laid your eyes on him. It's nothing to do with his charmingness, his sincerity, his nicely shaped abs or the size of his junk. It's the money making the potential that you are sizing up first. Let me translate that to you in plain English:

  • "He is a poor artist but he has passion in his art" <= "He will make lots of money when he can finally sell his paintings"
  • "He is a honest guy making a honest living as a clerk" <= "Hopefully his boss will think honesty is a great attribute and make him a manager soon - and make lots of money"
  • "He is struggling with his small business, but he is very working hard" <= "His business will turn around if he works hard enough for now, and eventually will make lots of money"

Need I say more? Don't agree? Let me know why are you attracted to your man. I will in turn tell you the truth. Don't believe? Try me.

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