Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fate and Luck

Was talking to a friend the other day who told me that her husband, who once broke up with her, but finally went back to her and got married.

And she told me that the reason why he came crawling back is all because he was going out with this bitch during the "break" (in reference to HIMYM), which got him to realize that my friend was in angel in comparison.

Well, I think I will have a different take on this. I believe that a person will always be together with this other person, no matter what, is because they are soul mates to start with.

And yes, soul mates are like best friends, sometimes you argue with each other and have different opinion on something, but sooner or later you would kiss and make up.

Don't ask me what soul mates are or their characteristics or symptoms, because I just believe that you will instinctively know who he/she is, once you have met them. It's just like that, no explanation required.

I am so lucky to have married my soul mate.

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