Monday, June 30, 2008


A lot of people have asked me why I have not "upgraded" from my 10 year old Proton Wira. Guess that I have to clarify it once and for all:

  1. I owned the car from day 1, and I know all the knicks and knacks of it. Plus I always replace with good parts, so the engine is tip top condition. Matter a fact, it's so well maintained, it's still running the same mileage since day 1, i.e. RM450/tank.
  2. I missed my chance when I could. Many times.

Heh - you all probably dying to know what I meant. I'll talk you though it by chronological order, from when I got my Wira.

  1. Year 1 - already thought of it. Talked to a few friends, and told me it's bad value to sell Proton until at least Year 3, coz it's gonna be the same price. So I waited.
  2. Year 5 - got into this cybercafe business, had too much partying and got into another stupid business. So I waited.
  3. Year 7 - getting to get married. So I waited.
  4. Year 8 - wife pregnant, angel of joy coming. So I waited.
  5. Year 9 - sole bread wiener. So I waited.
  6. Year 10 - economy downturning. So am waiting.

And that's why they all say, "it's the timing, man". So true, so true.

"So when will you change?", you said?

  1. My car seizes to work,
  2. Migrate and buy a kick ass car overseas! (screw Malaysia import duties)

Of coz I hope that it'll be case 2.

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