Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project NGVCefiro

I guess most people who are like me, at this age and situation, would  eventually look for an upgrade.

"So what are you talking about?", you say? Early 30s, with a young child, still driving a Proton, that is.

So my requirement was:

  1. 2nd hand Japanese car,
  2. < 8 years old,
  3. Around 40K,
  4. NGV-able.

Anyway, the list came down to either Toyota Camry 2.0 or Nissan Cefiro V6 2.0. I found several Cefiro @ 2000 for about RM45,000. A bit over budget, but nvm, should worth the money, and a same year Sentra would more or less fetch that price anyway. The reason I dare to look at such a big CC car is because with NGV, I get 1) road tax break of 25%, 2)over 70% saving on petrol.

So, Cefiro + NGV is my dream combination. So the research went on. Saw some ads, got a couple of good candidate to test drive. Then came the NGV research, which I stumbled upon which I got fantastic help from the true owners there. And it would have been doable, if not for the following:

  1. A proper NGV conversion kit would cost me RM8K,
  2. The car maintenance (tires, shocks, normal wear and tear stuffs) are at least 4 times higher than a Proton.

All in all, I would end up spending with RM60K-ish.... :(

So project shelved. Probably going to spend some cash to straighten out Jo's Wira first. And buy something else to cheer myself up in the meanwhile...

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