Friday, February 15, 2008

Medan Findings (Part Uno)

During my 4 days at Medan, I saw some interesting things to share:

Here is the fast food stuff that I got from Sun Plaza, the only decent, but huge shopping mall there:


Some local pizza shop, J.Co. donut and Texas Fried Chicken.

There is a local custom to have this billboard made out of flowers to announcement weddings. It's usually left on the floor near where the wedding reception is taking place. It's done on the day itself!


Saw this interesting sign in the toilet, you can probably guess what it means...


This is the only road side food that I had a chance to eat, a local variation of Mee Goreng. The plain fried rice was way better IMHO.


One of the major culture shock that I had there is how the local drives. Apparently swerving left and right, cutting lane, constant honking is the norm. No wonder the IT manager who drove me out for lunch was pretty quiet while he was driving me out for lunch, despite my effort to chat him up. Obviously he was busy concentrating on the road! He was honking his way thru as well, but he was doing it with emotional detachment! Unlike Malaysian, getting honked by someone on the road will raise our temper by several degree,  but at Medan, it seems so normal, almost as it it was common courtesy to do so....

And also a (lop sided) video of the crazy crazy traffic situation there:

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