Friday, March 07, 2008


Today I had the most wonderful (and a first for me too) experience.

Jiujiang had a steep temperature drop today, and it was drizzling for the whole day.

I was wearing two layers of jackets (on top of my working clothes), and still I was shivering. Fortunately (and unfortunately, read on) the meeting room was heated to a nice 25 degree. I was invited to visit the server room, which was next door. Then the IT guy told me that there is another raised floor room near by to hold all the fibre switches, I said, "why not.".

Mind you, I was wearing only 1 jacket. I took off the big one due to the heated room. The guy failed to tell me that it was quite far. Outside. Walking. 10 mins. Wind. Rain.

I was very fairly frosted when I reached. And the worst thing was...


I had to walk back.

But, I guess it was worth it, coz when I had to pee, I could feel the hot pee warming my dick as it came out. AAAAaaaaHHhhh.


Did I say that I was wearing the wrong polyester pants for the weather?

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