Friday, November 23, 2007

Of Cars

The question: Should I replace my car?

The reason: My car is in half good condition (in another words, half gone).

The struggle: (I should be grateful that I have a car, although it's a 10 years old Proton) vs (As natural human being strive to further better one's life living standard, and safety, therefore a family person like myself should get a least a reliable Japanese car).

OK, more description.

My Wira works for me now. If I get a new car, I would need to work *for* my car. You all understand what I mean right? My current car is fully paid for in loan, and for me to get a Japanese car, I would have to get myself into a huge debt, which would cause the following side effect:

  1. I will lose a lot of chance to buy other shiny, more useful, live improving I mean gadget. Did I say toy?
  2. The financial void that from the car installment might impact the family plan to migrate,
  3. Very most the likely that my next car will not be as fuel efficient as my Wira 1.3 which does RM80 = 450-520KM.

On the flip side, (or devil side, if you would)...

  1. Proton = death trap for my family and Iz,
  2. (Lame peer pressure) - everyone around me have a decent car,
  3. I could actually (almost) afford a second hand Corolla Altis, which has a high resale value compared to other cars, so I will not lose too much money when we leave the country.

So what do you all think?

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