Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fine Food Birthday

We had a small gathering last Friday to celebrate my birthday. Juls and Corra had organized it, and we were suppose to go to some Chinese dumpling place at Mid Valley. Instead, thanks to Juls' nose, we ended up at Mr. Ho's Fine Foods for the best dinner I ever had for my birthday :)

And here is a quick pic to prove it...


Pictures courtesy of Corra's mean ass 50mm http://yoyyo.multiply.com/photos/album/52/Johns_burfday

I tell you har, the sausage will turn you guys gay. Literally. The sensation of having a thick, juicy piece of sausage exploding in your mouth is no kidding man...

And the bacon is fried to perfection, and the first thing I said that "I would die for the fact that if I can eat bacon and eggs every morning...".

Anyway, thanks everyone for coming! It's going down in my books as one of the most (juicily) enjoyable birthday's ever. Other than that time back in SS2 when I discovered that I was....

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