Monday, August 11, 2014

Das Keyboard 4 Professional MX Brown

Finally pulled the trigger after for many years wanting a mechanical keyboard. Settled on the Das Keyboard 4 Professional MX Brown. Phew, that's sure a mouth full. Basically it's the 4th Generation Das keyboard, Professional as it has lettering printed on each key, compared to the Ultimate, which is the same keyboard - but it's blank without any prints on the key caps. I also chose MX Brown, which is the non-clicky type of switches. Saying that, it's still pretty loud compared to the rest of the keyboards I own (all membrane based).
Here is a sample of how much better I can type 5 minutes taking the keyboard out of the box:

Not too bad huh?
The keyboard is built like a tank, which is how I like all my things to be - unbreakable (Although Sean would disagree with my Volkswagen choice)....

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