Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Experiment

I wanted to perform a social experiment on the guys in the office, and this was my evil plan :)

  1. Talked loudly about Street Fighter 4 for XBOX360 to get everyone excited,
  2. Went out and buy the game, knowing that there is only one fresh set of batteries for one controller only,
  3. Got the game back, started playing first thing in the office,
  4. Then made an excuse to pass my controller to someone else.
Guess what happened:
  1. They have not stopped playing, despite there is real work to be done,
  2. And it's 10:30am, right smack in the middle of office hours,
  3. And no one bothered to walk downstairs and buy a fresh set of batteries for the other controller.
And many of you wonder why employers always complain that employees are an ungrateful bunch :)


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ei sorry, only for male workers!