Monday, February 09, 2009


Couple of weeks ago I took me IELTS as part of my requirement for the Australian PR. We were suppose to be there by 8am, and we were frigging late getting out of the house.

It was an interesting experience to drive your pregnant wife from Kepong to KLCC (20KM drive) within 15 mins. I think we were more relaxed when we drove to the hospital for Isaac's delivery.

Anyway, when we got there (on time too), we saw this.

Holy moly. There were about 180 people taking the exam on the same day. Although there were 2 type of exams going on at the same time, i.e. General and Academic, most of the people there were taking the General exam. The former is for migration and later is for oversea university entry requirements .

Anyway, the result just came out and this is what I got.... Zeng1 zeng1 zeng1 zeng3.

I am actually very surprised with the result, as I could not understand how I would have fucked up my Writing section so badly. I wrote very very long, analytical, structured essays which I was very confident on.

Guess I had to buckle up my writing skills. More blogging, perhaps?

p/s For Australian PR purposes, they use the lowest score in any section. Means my final score is 7.0, not 8. That is just borderline passing mark. Hmm. We'll see how.

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